Dutch Pancake Events -                  Concept

Traveling the world by organizing free events with Dutch pancakes at local places. The concept of "pancake surfing" was initiated by Robin Vogelaar as an exchange student from the Netherlands in Hong Kong back in 2010. Nowadays, he and several of his friends have hosted more than 500+ Dutch Pancake Events, in 60+ countries and 150+ cities, bringing thousands of people together - came as strangers, left as friends. 

The events are all free: as many people invited, the more flipping fun, the more international!

Robin is Dutch, so the slogan became on the road “Dutch pancake unites”- Involving, inclusive, empowering, fun - spreading the Dutch new spirit, values and positive culture across the world. And of course, Dutch pancakes!  Dutch Pancake Events – world travels in a pancake spin!

       Globetrotting for the love of Dutch Pancakes, Robin Vogelaar at TEDxAbidjan, Ivory Coast


Dutch Pancake Events

How it works

The goal of a Dutch pancake event is to bring people together in a fun way: people can participate in the cooking, eat the Dutch pancakes or just get to know other people.

A Dutch pancake event is free and open for everyone to join and the pancakes are for free too.

Robin provides all the pancake ingredients (milk, flour, eggs) while participants contribute with the toppings.

In exchange for the use of the venue, participants cannot bring drinks but purchase it from the venue if they want.


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See how it works in the coverage by CNN (in English) of a Dutch Pancake Event.

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Pancake Events are fun and easy to organize at a minimal cost. For all organizations, charities or other gatherings this means a low cost event which guarantees happy smiles on people's faces! If you are a student organization or a charity and would like to host a unique event then fill out the booking form and join the 500+ organizations who had a fantastic night!

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